Where can you find pet-friendly rentals in Toronto?
October 22, 2018

Choosing the Best Apartment-Friendly Breed

Looking for a pet friendly apartment in Toronto for you and your furry companion? Or perhaps you’re looking to adopt a new pet to move in with? You’re in the right place.

4 Factors To Consider Before You Move Into Your Pet-Friendly Apartment

In order to make your move more successful, here are a few important things you need to consider when bringing a dog into your new apartment.

1. Size

The first red flag most people will raise concerns the size of the dog. Many have subscribed to the ideas that the pet you bring into your apartment should be smaller, so it could have more room to exercise. While true, there are many larger breeds of dogs that bode very well in apartment units too – depending on their energy level and training.

2. Noise Level + Sound Sensitivity

Some dogs are far more sensitive to noise than others. Before you move in, you need a good idea of how your dog will react to certain sounds. For example, some dogs will go berserk when someone in the hallway walks by or knocks on the door, whereas other dogs will take no issue.

Try doing a test with your dog by triggering some foreign noises and see how they react. If most of the reactions result in a barking frenzy, then additional training may be considered.

3. Energy-Levels

When it comes to apartment living, the higher the level of energy a dog has, the higher the onus there is on the owner to be more active. You can expect a different amount of energy depending on the type of dog breed. The tables below will give you a better idea of which dogs are better suited for apartment living based on their general level of energy.

Low Energy Level

Medium Energy Level

High Energy Level

Keep in mind, while the following dogs do typically display a high level of energy, that’s not to say they can’t make great apartment pets. They will likely require more attention, exercise, and training than other breeds. The success of a dog’s development into a good apartment pet naturally relies on proper training.

4. Sociability

In the hallways and walking around the neighbourhood, your dog is going to come into contact with several people, cars, buses, and many other animals. Is your dog going to be friendly with strangers, or are they going to get riled up every time they meet someone new? The friendlier your dog is, the easier and more productive your walks outside your apartment will be.

Seeking Toronto Pet Friendly Apartments For Rent?

In order to give you and your dog the best chance for happiness, you need to find an pet friendly apartment that will make life a whole lot easier.

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