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October 22, 2018
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October 22, 2018

Where can you find pet-friendly rentals in Toronto?

Many assume that being a pet owner means you can rule out finding an apartment. They can become discouraged when apartment hunting when looking at all the units that don’t allow pets. Some apartments just have too many regulations that it becomes too overwhelming. However, there are many Toronto pet friendly apartments for rent that will more than accommodate you and your furry or feathery roommate.

In order for you and your pet(s) to be set up for success, we’ve put together a couple of questions you should be ready to answer before you bring your pet into your new apartment.

Is Your Pet Apartment Ready?

Dogs more than other animals can have more difficulty moving into the confined space of an apartment. Some bigger dogs or dogs with high energy can experience a harder time making the adjustment. If your pet is going to be in your apartment all day, make sure they have enough area to move. The more boxed in dogs are, you may find their behaviour to become more destructive.

Also, depending on where your pet is coming from, it may have trouble adjusting to apartment life. With a lot of exposure to new neighbours, noises, and other animals, your pet may need to be introduced to the surroundings slowly, and in a very calm manner.

Common Pet Agreement Outlines

In most standard pet agreements, you can expect some of the following terms to be outlined.

* You are always responsible for any damage caused by your pet.

* Your pet must be kept on a leash when outside of the unit.

* You must promptly remove any pet waste from the property.

* You must fully disclose any prior issues with the pet.

Is The Apartment Building Truly “Pet Friendly”?

Just because your landlord says pets are accepted, doesn’t mean the apartment is truly pet friendly. If possible, ask some of the neighbours if you can about the pet policy and take a closer look at the agreement you sign. The last thing you want to find out after moving into your new apartment is that you and your pet(s) are not as welcome as you were when you signed the lease.

Is Your Neighbourhood Pet Friendly?

If your landlord is accepting of pets, that’s great. However, if your neighbourhood isn’t great for pets, you may have a harder time adjusting. Ensure that your apartment is close to open green spaces so your pets can get some much needed exercise and outdoor time.

Always Disclose Your Pets

You should never try to hide the fact that you are renting with a pet. You never want to be in a situation where you are hiding your pet from your landlord. Eventually, someone may become wise to the fact you are hiding a pet and it may impact your living situation.

Prepare a Pet Resume

Has your bird received regular care from a veterinarian? Has your feline earned any accolades in a local cat show? Let your landlord know! Preparing some facts about your pet can definitely help your cause when applying for a new apartment. Some landlords may also want to meet your pet as well, so make sure they are looking their sharpest.

Pet Friendly Apartments Toronto

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